Merlynn the Wise

The leader and most powerful of The Wizards. He is wise, stern, kind and a champion of good.


Merlynn is one of the last remaining members of a group known only as “The Wizards”. The Wizards were once defenders of Allan, charged with protecting it from the Creator himself. Merlynn was once the second-in-command of this group, until its former leader-Erexus-turned to the darkness, believing the only way to save the Mortal realm was to enslave it. Merlynn adopted the opposite position, leading the resistance against Erexius, alongside two of his companions who shared his beliefs-JJ and Bobby. For almost seven years their war raged. But Merlynn, in a burst of the foresight he is famous for, had his own death-as well as JJ and Bobby’s-faked, so they could slip under Erexius’ radar and help the people of Allan i the shadows, discreetly.

Since that time, Merlynn has made his home in his rustic little cottage, nestled safely in the Brytish forest of Greenwood, hidden from evil eyes with his powerful magic. Since the fall of Erexius, Merlynn has been recruiting heroes and through them has continued to protect Allan, offering his cottage as a safe haven and his mentor ship and wisdom to those in his service. Merlynn even the priest that married Carl O’Conner and his wife, Melinda.

However, during the Chaos War in 155 AD, Merlynn’s cabin was assaulted by the Shadow: an armada of more than 100 orcs led by the Son of War. The battle was brutal, fierce and brief. Merlynn and the other Wizards acted as a distraction so those the Shadow were after could teleport to safety. During the Battle, Merlynn almost smote the Son of War, but the presence of William Belmont quickly took Merlynn out of commission; he was gravely injured. He was saved just in time by JJ, however, who turned into a Red Dragon and torched the surrounding forest and carried any good survivors away on his back to Merlynn’s other hideaway, a monastery hidden in the Devil’s Spine mountains, east of Azan.

Merlynn is a wise, if not stern, old man. He plans out his every action with meticulous detail, always struggling to remain one step ahead of the Shadow. Many great victories can be attributed to Merlynn and his foresight. He is a great leader and has taken a keen interest in the young wizard Kendall, who he is training in the ways of his order.

Merlynn has also developed a bond of friendship with Heath and his companions, although the barbarian Carl O’Conner and the half-orc Sleezy dislike Merlynn considerably and he them, thinking them very rude.

Merlynn is currently plotting the ultimate victory for the side of light in the Final Battle of the Chaos War, which has yet to come.

Merlynn the Wise

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