The world is changing. The free peoples of the land of Allan had long lived in the Shadow of Azan, under the tyranny of the Dark Sorcerer Erexius. For centuries, he plagued the free peoples, murdering millions, reducing the once proud Human lands of Rikea to anarchy and ruin. Even New Galush, land of the Elves, was not powerful enough to stop him, and the forest realm fell, leaving the Elves scattered, divided and leaderless. For 300 years, Erexius sat firmly on his throne of darkness, lord of Rikea and the new Kingdom of Azan, built upon the ruins of the Elves.

However, Erexius was challenged by the great warrior Charles the Warlord and on a day that changed history, the two armies clashed on the Endless Plains in Southern Rikea in a combat known today as “The Defining Battle”. Charles rode in with his four sons-Taiken the Elvenborn, Daniel of the Blade, James of the Axe and Thomas of the Lance-and faced the hordes of Erexius’ shadow. After a brutal, two day conflict Erexius was slain by Taiken Elvenborn—but at the cost of the lives of Charles and his three youngest sons. That was 152 years ago.

It is now the year 152 AD, after the Defining Battle. Taiken vanished mere days after the Battle. Since that day, Allan has known few heroes.

Rikea is still plunged deep into chaos and anarchy. Brytain, the last free Human Monarchy in Allan, stands firm but is beginning to weaken. None now can tell how much longer they can hold out before the Shadow takes over. Terminor, realm of the Dwarves to the south, is shut up, defending its own borders. Azan, land of Shadows to the East, has been quiet, like a sleeping giant. Increased activity along Rikea’s eastern borders worries many. The skies are darkening in the east as whispers of terrible things begin to stir. Egypt, the land of burning sands that lies south of Terminor, has been quiet, as well, although naval attacks on Brytish trade ships is increasing. And in the Northern Wastes, the ancestral land of the Barbarian Tribes, war is rampant.

And though darkness reigns, and the power of the Shadow is growing, new heroes and champions begin to enter into the world, from every walk of life, acting as bastions of hope and the first and last line of defense from the forces of Azan.

The Chronicles of Allan: Dark Resurrection